Ryoso Tsujimoto
Image: Youtube / Capcom

Just this week, Capcom showcased its latest Monster Hunter Digital Event, going over the latest news for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak.

While most viewers were undoubtedly eager to see footage from the expansion, one fan was more interested in something a bit more specific: producer Ryoso Tsujimoto's clothes. In fact, Twitter user @__TARO has consistently identified Tsujimoto's clothing on nearly every video appearance, usually within 30 minutes of each broadcast ending.

Most recently, for the Sunbreak showcase, Tsujimoto wore a Diesel long-sleeved shirt showing a glowing piece of barbed wire, but he's also been known to wear designs from Vivienne Westwood and UNDERCOVER — all thanks to this fashion fan's hard work!

As bizarre as this may seem to some, we actually commend the dedication being put into such a specific endeavor. But what you do think? Will you be heading off to Diesel to buy a barbed wire shirt? Let us know!

[source automaton-media.com]