Wind Waker Scroll
Image: Nintendo Force Magazine

One of the most memorable moments of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was undoubtedly its incredibly stylish prologue sequence. Against a backdrop of beautiful rendered images and Hylian script (and who can forget the wonderful accompanying music), the sequence told the basic narrative of Ocarina of Time and gave vital backstory to Link's new adventure as he set out across The Great Sea.

Well, it turns out that a physical scroll of that exact sequence exists, originally handed out to those reviewing The Wind Waker back during the GameCube era, making the scroll itself nearly two decades old.

You can check out the lovely scroll in the video below, courtesy of Lucas M. Thomas from Nintendo Force Magazine. He says the scroll is now incredibly rare and sought after by collectors, and we can see why — it's gorgeous!

At the time you're viewing the video, the scroll is now in the hands of a private collector, to protect from the prying hands of Lucas' children. Smart move!

It's unclear exactly how rare the scroll is, but we're betting there are only a handful remaining in decent condition after nearly 20 years. What we'd love to know, however, is whether you've seen one yourself, or even better, whether you own one! Let us know in the comments below.