Open world psychedelic murder mystery Paradise Killer already has plenty of threads that need tying together, but Kaizen Game Works' indie darling has brought more chaos to Paradise Island in a free update that you can download now!

This update coincides with the PlayStation and Xbox release today (where these additions are already included). While we don't have the specifics on everything, here's a rough idea of what you can expect to uncover, courtesy of Kaizen Game Works' Twitter:

  • New mysterious beings
  • New characters
  • New collectibles and quests
  • New music

We're trying to decide whether new music or mysterious beings is more important. Have you heard Barry Topping's funky music? More of that, please.

Don't forget, Paradise Killer is also getting a physical release, which is shipping from 31st March!

If you haven't already picked up the game on Switch, it's currently 40% off on the eShop until 22nd March. That's just $11.99 on the US store or £9.24 here in the UK, which is a steal.

Will you be revisiting Paradise Island? Let us know in the comments!

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