Konami Indie Event
Image: Konami

Earlier today, Konami announced that it would be hosting a new event, Indie Games Connect 2022, in Japan that's entirely free to exhibitors and creators on 26th June.

One of the biggest barriers for entry for fledgling developers, and for attendees, is the price of these events, so it's a fantastic idea for Konami to waive admission fees for this event, which will be held at the Konami Creative Centre in Ginza, Tokyo.

Konami's reason for this is that it wants the event to be a platform where creators and consumers alike can connect - which makes sense given that the show is called Indie Games Connect!

Here's a summary of the event, courtesy of Gematsu:

  • Indie Games Exhibition – A place for creators, who want as many users as possible to enjoy the games they poured their ideas into, to connect with other creators and users.
  • Game Development Consultation for Exhibitors – A special program for exhibitors in which experienced professionals will be on-site to play your games and answer any questions or concerns you may face on a daily basis.
  • Game Developers Seminar – A discussion about the future of independent games and creators hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment indies initiative head Shuhei Yoshida.

The show will be sponsored by a number of prominent studios, including Sony Interactive Entertainment, publishing company Shueisha, and Unity Technologies.

In-person events are making a steady comeback this year, with Gamescom announcing a hybrid event this coming August.

Hopefully, there will also be a way for us abroad to experience what Indie Games Connect 2022 has to offer on 26th June! If you're interested in exhibiting at the show, you can apply here.

Let us know what you think of the new gaming convention in the comments below!

[source prtimes.jp, via gematsu.com]