Update [Tue 22nd Mar, 2022 13:20 GMT]: Fireshine has revealed the release date for Imp of the Sun, and it's coming very soon indeed — this Thursday, 24th March! More details in our original exclusive story below...

Original Story [Mon 21st Mar, 2022 06:00 GMT]: Fireshine Games has announced that action platformer Imp of the Sun will launch on Switch this year and has released the tasty reveal trailer above.

Developed by Peruvian-based team Sunwolf Entertainment, the game is a non-linear action platformer that combines fast-paced combat and exploration. It stars Nin, an imp created from the final spark of the sun, who must defeat the Four Keepers and end the Eternal Eclipse, restoring full power to the sun.

Its general aesthetic and gameplay features reminds us of something like Ori and the Blind Forest, which is no bad thing! Imp of the Sun certainly puts more emphasis on combat, however, with the trailer showing off some pretty hefty boss characters.

Here's a rundown of some of the narrative and features:

End the Eternal Eclipse - Stolen by the Four Keepers centuries ago and hidden in the distant corners of the empire, life cannot go on without the sun’s power. With its dying spark the sun creates Nin, sending him on an adventure to bring back the light and restore balance to the empire.

Use Your Inner Fire - As a creature of the sun, you have the power of the sun at your fingertips. Refine your skills in streamlined gameplay built for fluid movement and combo-based combat, and discover new abilities to become more powerful as you venture across the sun’s empire to defeat the Four Keepers.

A Stunning Peruvian-Inspired World - Discover the four corners of the empire, from the bright peaks of the Andean mountains and dense Amazonian jungles, to dry, blistering deserts and the dark depths of the underworld. Every land and creature is lovingly hand-drawn and crafted with detail, celebrating the civilizations that once roamed and ruled Peru.

Explore, Collect and Learn - Our ancestors recorded their history through artifacts known as ‘quipus’. Collect quipus to unveil the story behind the Eternal Eclipse, and find unique hidden items based on real relics from the Andean cultures. Explore the sun’s empire and defeat unique, punishing bosses in any order you choose, each with their own complex mechanics and backstory.

To find out a little bit more about the team and the game ahead of release, we spoke briefly to Jose Varon, CEO of Sunwolf Entertainment, about the inspiration behind the Imp of the Sun...

Nintendo Life: Tell us a little about the Sunwolf team, its size, and how you came to be working on Imp of the Sun

Jose Varon: Imp of The Sun was developed with a team of 13 people. I knew most of them from previous projects we’d work together. We wanted to create a game that fulfilled three main characteristics:

      1. Scope of work that was suitable for our team size – that’s why we went for a 2D action-platformer
      2. Create something unique
      3. Incorporate elements based on the team’s cultural background

Based on those creative pillars, Imp of The Sun was the result. A 2D action-platformer with unique art, music and the "Inner Fire Mechanic" used by the game’s playable character, Nin. These aspects were inspired by Incan and Pre-Incan cultures.

What other games provided inspiration throughout development?

Zelda: Breath of The Wild was a big inspiration for gameplay and exploration as well as some of the music. Shadow of The Colossus with its apocalyptic-like setting and Dark Souls where NPCs deliver the story bit by bit.

What do you hope will most excite action platforming fans about the game and its world?

I think action platforming fans will really enjoy the "Inner Fire Mechanic" and challenges, especially near the end of the game. We also think the story, music and characters will create an emotional and memorable experience that players will enjoy.

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