Sega has released a video for its forthcoming Two Point Campus, and this one focuses on the game's Archaeology Course.

Here's some PR:

Have you always wanted to discover ancient ruins, dig up artifacts that have been lost for thousands of years or find remnants of ancient civilisations? In Two Point Campus you can summon your inner whip-wielding, hat-wearing, adventure-seeking professor, and enrol your students for the Archaeology Course, where they will be digging, scanning, and dusting their way to fortune and glory.

In this first short video in a series of course reveals for Two Point Campus, you’ll get a glimpse of the Archaeology class, where students take on a range of challenges to uncover Artifacts. Your students can use tools like shovels, brushes, and metal detectors to discover items that are scattered around several dig sites. Make sure to train your students and staff well, because the more they know, the more extraordinary stuff they’ll dig up.

The sequel to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus launches on Switch on the 17th May 2022. Nintendo Switch pre-purchase via the eShop isn't live yet, but will follow soon.