Time Loader is a platformer set in 1995, a time of large trousers, floppy haircuts, and adverts that REALLY LIKED TO YELL AT YOU!!!! Don't you want to revisit that glorious heyday? Of course you do.

And you can, as soon as next month, when Time Loader brings its award-winning time-rewinding physics platforming to the Nintendo Switch!

"Warp back to 1995, a time of square screens and clunky keyboards, as you fulfil your mission to change the future and help your creator avoid a life changing accident. Playing as a homemade RC car robot you must make decisions that can drastically alter the future, so please meddle with the timeline responsibly as you will experience alternating endings depending on what you change."

Time Loader comes to the Nintendo Switch on March 10th, where it will cost $14.99. Pre-orders are available now.