Nintendo has revealed its next free trial for Switch Online service subscribers located in Japan. This time around, it's the Japanese exclusive Neko Tomo: Smile Mashimashi by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Neko Tomo originally launched on the Switch (and 3DS) in 2018 and follows on from Teddy Together. 'Smile Mashimashi' is an updated version that was delivered for free (digitally) in November 2020. The trial will be made available from 22nd - 28th February.

In this Japan-only release, you teach words to cats to deepen your bonds with them. The update adds a "photo studio" - to take shots of the cats, and also a "tailor" where you can design clothes for them. There are various activities to enjoy, too - such as cooking, fishing and gardening.

What would you like to see Nintendo make available locally as its next free trial? Comment below.