K-2SO aka Game Bot
Image: Greg Dmnt

While some of you may have a soft spot for C-3PO and R2-D2, deep down, we all know that the best droid in the entire Star Wars saga is K-2SO from Rogue One. It's just a fact, so deal with it.

You can see why, then, this canny fusion of droid and handheld has us so excited. Twitter account From4-LOMtoZuckuss spotted this amazing custom job by illustrator and toy designer Greg Dmnt, which takes a K-2SO action figure and combines it with part of a DMG-01 console. The finishing touch is a swanky new paint job, which looks pretty cool if you ask us.

Perhaps we'll see other famous droids from Star Wars combined with classic handheld game consoles? How about IG-88 and the Game Gear? Or BB-8 crossed with a Game Boy Advance? Let your own bizarre dreams run riot in the comments section below.