Lightbulb Kirby is fine
Image: Nintendo

In case you're forgetful — or just an old grouch — it's Valentine's Day, that heart-filled square on Cupid's calendar when lovers are variously delighted and/or obliged to gift each other cards, sweetmeats and other treats. Ahh, you can feel the amour in the air...

If you've gone and forgotten, fear not — Nintendo has you covered with a collection of five downloadable gift cards featuring the sweetest of all video game characters, Kirby.

As shared by Nintendo UK — and downloadable directly from its website — the five available designs feature the pink puffball in various states of cuteness, with the meme-friendly 'Karby' from the pink one's upcoming game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land also putting in an appearance:

Personally, this writer is more of a fan of Kirby's earlier automotive work, but the appeal of this slightly more disturbing tarp-like take on a Kirby car is undeniable.

So, if you're at work and cursing yourself for forgetting this most lovey-dovey of days, there's still time to do better than a box of chocs and some petrol station-forecourt flowers on the way home! If in doubt, print it out. That's what they say, isn't it? Or is that boarding passes when your phone battery is on the blink...

Let us know below which of these designs you deign suitably lovely enough to send to the object of your desires.