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We haven't heard much from the Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft lately, so what has it been up to? Well, it turns out there's been some activity on its official website.

Eagle-eyed Nintendo Switch fans have noticed how the Japanese company's website has been given a "completely new design" - with copyright updates included. It's also mentioned how all the news articles dating between 2017-2022 have been removed, and there are now only four posts on display.

One, in particular, mentions how the company will apparently be integrating its accounts later this month on 28th February. And some other information on the website has led to speculation about a "new game" announcement (there have been ongoing rumours) possibly taking place this month (via r/NintendoSwitch on Reddit):

Of course, there's no guarantee there'll be any Monolith Soft or Xenoblade-related announcements in February. So don't get too excited.

- On January 21, Yasunori Mitsuda said on Twitter that he has been working on a project that will be announced this month (February). On the same day, Monolith Soft announced that on January 31 you may not be able to access their website due to "server maintenance".

- The website is bright now with a completely new design.

- At the bottom now it says © 2022 MONOLITH SOFTWARE INC. (before, it was 2017).

- In the "NEWS" section, they deleted all previous news dating from 2017-2022 and now there are only 4 news. One says that on February 28 they will integrate "Monolith Soft Kyoto Studio" with "Monolith Soft" on Twitter and Facebook which makes me think that they will announce their new game or the release date of BotW 2 or both this month (they have been working on their new game for 4 years, since the release of Xenoblade 2).

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[source monolithsoft.co.jp, via mynintendonews.com]