Min Min
Image: Nintendo

Last June, Nintendo confirmed the existence of a Min Min (ARMS) amiibo as part of the Smash Bros. Ultimate line of figures.

We don't know its exact release date yet, but if you are eager for an update - it seems Nintendo has finished production of this amiibo. This is according to the Nintendo CPSIA website - which lists safety certificates for the company's upcoming products, including amiibo.

As noted by Nintendo Wire, Nintendo's time between manufacturing and release in the past has normally been about two to three months. Here's a look at the certificate:

Min Min Amiibo
Image: via Nintendo

At the very least, we know Min Min's amiibo is coming at some point in "2022" based on Nintendo's original announcement:

The Min Min amiibo will be followed by Minecraft Steve and Alex amiibo in Spring 2022 and eventually Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra and Kazuya. Will you be adding Min Min to your Smash Bros. amiibo collection? How about the other ones? Comment below.

[source cpsia.nintendo.com, via nintendowire.com]