Level-5's mech-based title Megaton Musashi is getting crossover content with two of Japan's most legendary robot series.

A teaser for the crossover was shown during Level-5’s 'Megaton Lab' livestream. and shows the distinctive silhouettes of the Getter-1 Robo and Mazinger Z. Both of these robots are taken from series created by iconic Japanese artist Go Nagai (real name Kiyoshi Nagai) and are considered to be classics of the mech genre.

Level-5 has stated that more information regarding the collaboration will be revealed in the future.

Megaton Musashi is part of a new media series from Level-5, and is accompanied by anime, manga and other merchandise. The game is available on the Switch and PS4, but is exclusive to Japan at present, with no indication that it will be localised for international audiences.

We reviewed the Switch version earlier this year, and said:

Megaton Musashi already has a lot going for it, but there’s certainly a lot of room for improvement. The relatively disposable narrative is merely a lightweight obstacle in the way of the real fun found here: battling an unfortunately repetitive palette of enemies and then tinkering with your rogue, the latter of which is the game’s primary attraction. To be fair, it is a disproportionately excellent attraction, which makes the rest of the game’s issues secondary. With monthly updates coming from Level-5 adding both missions and parts, this is definitely a worthwhile, if flawed, import with style to spare. We'd welcome an official, localised release in the West despite the game's issues; after all, Switch needs all the ammo it can get as it moves into its fifth year.

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