Mario Strikers Battle League
Image: Nintendo

One of the many surprise announcements of last week's Nintendo Direct was the news that the Mario Strikers series would be making a return.

The next entry - Mario Strikers: Battle League, will take to the pitch on 10th June and supports both online and local multiplayer. If you're planning on going the digital route with this one, you might be interested to know just how big this game will be. According to an early listing on Nintendo's website and eShop game page, this latest entry will require around 3GB of free space.

The latest entry follows on from the Wii game Mario Strikers Charged, and the original GameCube entry - Super Mario Strikers. Pre-orders for Battle League are available now from Nintendo's website and the Switch eShop for $59.99 / £49.99 or your regional equivalent.

Will you be purchasing a digital or physical version of this upcoming release? Leave a comment down below.

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