Kirby Cover

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, also known as "Breath of the Kirby" and "Nier: Kirbtomata" amongst fans that see a resemblance between the pink puff's latest outing and other recent open-world games, is due to come out on March 25th, 2022 — just one month from today. That means pre-order bonuses are still available, and although the Western options are a bit boring (notebooks? Stickers? Bah) it turns out that other countries are getting really good ones.

In Hong Kong, pre-ordering Kirby and the Forgotten Land will get you this extremely cute "Mouthful Mode" backpack cover, modelled after Kirby's new car-devouring power.

Now, this is supposed to be a backpack cover, but we can't help imagining it as a Mouthful Mode simulator for your own home. Put it on a loaf of bread and you've got Loaf Mouth Kirby. Put it on your head: Hat Mouth. See if you can stretch it over your cat. The possibilities are endless! Make everything a mouthful!!