Fire Emblem Heroes
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo shared all sorts of sale data about Switch milestones and the new Pokémon games over the past week, but one title that was perhaps overlooked was its tactical role-playing mobile hit, Fire Emblem Heroes.

According to Sensor Tower sales estimates, the free-to-play title has now generated close to one billion in revenue - with earnings of $959 million. It's achieved this after five years, with its original launch taking place on 2nd February 2017.

No other Nintendo games come close to Heroes - with the second-highest title in terms of revenue going to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. So far that title has made $267 million. This follows with Mario Kart Tour in third, currently at $259 million.

The biggest Fire Emblem Heroes spenders by country are Japan ($523 million), US in second with $308 million and Canada in third - generating around 32 percent of the game's total revenue.

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