Ocarina Of Time Native PC Port
Image: zel. via YouTube

As you might recall, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was successfully reverse-engineered back in November last year - opening the door for ports of the N64 classic.

We heard earlier this week how one group known as the "Harbour Masters" had a PC port that was already 90% complete, and now another native port - by two-person team zel. and vertigo - has surfaced. This one includes widescreen and upscaling support, with more features to be added. This project is also "nearly fully playable". Here's a description along with a look:

"This is a native port of Ocarina of Time to PC, with widescreen and upscaling support. Soon many more features will be added, such as 60fps. All of this footage is 100% real, and the project is nearly fully playable. Though there are minor glitches in this very early gameplay footage, these will soon be resolved."


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[source youtu.be, via nme.com]