Sonic Next Level
Image: SEGA

It's a big year for Sonic, hopefully - well it is a big year with multiple games and the next movie, let's just hope it's also a good year. SEGA is eager to get us hyped for 2022 with its mascot and is kickstarting the "Sonic '22 Project", which is basically a "we're doing Sonic stuff and want you to be excited" PR project.

There is a good amount going on in terms of games this year, with Sonic Frontiers confirmed for Switch and Sonic Origins (a compilation of the 16-Bit and CD games) presumably coming to Nintendo's system. The project's logo taps into the world that's been teased for Frontiers, and the boxed text of 'Welcome to the Next Level' is actually a throwback to SEGA marketing of the '90s.

Sonic Next Level2
Image: SEGA

You can see the Japanese hub site for this, including links to download wallpapers of the images above, right here. No doubt we'll get an equivalent site for other territories soon; at the moment the English Sonic site is still focused on last year's 30th Anniversary festivities.

Are you excited about another big year for Sonic? Let us know, as always, in the comments.

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