Pokémon Crystal

Twitch Plays Pokémon has a lot to answer for. What began with a goofy experiment to see if the hivemind could actually play an old game has blossomed into an entire genre of gameplay: Playing Pokémon in weird ways, the latest of which is Pokémon inside of a Twitter avatar. If things keep going this way, we'll be playing Pokémon on a network of fungi by 2030.

Constantin Liétard, the Montreal-based creator of Pokémon Red-inside-a-Twitter-avatar, has just announced that his latest project, Pokémon Crystal-inside-a-Twitter-avatar, is now ready to play. At the time of writing, the player character is just about to pick their first starter.

You can join in with the game by commenting on the announcement tweet, which already has hundreds of replies:

Pokémon Red took Twitter only 40 days to beat, with over 90,000 comments instructing the player character what to do. Here's hoping Pokémon Crystal can set a new record!