Brewster, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' resident coffee pigeon, is a man bird of very specific tastes. And if you insult those tastes... by refusing to drink your coffee at the correct temperature, or turning down his generous offer of pigeon milk... well, you might just get what's coming to you.

In Evil Imp's impeccably directed trailer for a movie which (sadly) does not exist, Brewster hunts down the ungrateful villager who snubbed him and his barista knowledge, with the help of his Brewster-shaped Gyroids.

Most impressively, this trailer was made entirely in the game, with the clever use of the first-person camera, and a lot of creative set-dressing. It's not their first go at making short films in Animal Crossing, either — we covered their take on ACNH as a horror movie back in 2020, and more recently, they created an eleven-minute story called Shino and the Witch:

You can follow Evil Imp, the director and creator of the trailer, on Twitter and YouTube, and given their prowess with Animal Crossing, you should also check out their dream address, too: