Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most charming, cheerful, cute and colourful video games in existence, with a cast of cuddly critters all doing their best to melt your hearts with their adorable singing, dancing, and quirky dialogue - here's looking at you, Cranston. But what if it wasn't?

YouTube user Evil Imp has created a tremendous fan-made trailer for the game, stripping away the franchise's cuteness and replacing it with terrifying horror. It's really well put together and genuinely worth a watch (up above).

In a neat touch, Evil Imp has also shared a mock Behind the Scenes video which gives an insight into the star actors' performances. We've no idea how on Earth they managed to pull all of this off, but what an excellent final product.

Nice job, Evil Imp. We'll never look at Pietro in quite the same way ever again.