Pope Sans

It's lovely to see a meme finally reach a conclusion, like when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, or when Sora from Kingdom Hearts was added to Smash Bros last year. Now, we have another entry in ongoing memes that eventually came to fruition: The Pope loves Undertale.

This one began back in 2016, when YouTuber MatPat was invited to represent YouTube in an interview with the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. It was part of a conference on bringing the world together through the internet, but that's not important — what's important is that MatPat, when told that it was customary to bring the Pope a gift representing his country (the United States), he decided to bring... a Steam code for Undertale.

"Undertale represents an evolution for gamers," says MatPat in the above video, "making it the single best representative of where we are as a community today." He went on to say that games are often portrayed in the media as violent, unpleasant, and crime-ridden, but that Undertale represented the good in games: the pacifism, the kindness, and the community. Unspoken in the video, but probably also true, was that the Pope would probably love a bit of Sans.

Fast forward to January 5th, 2022, and Pope Francis held a General Audience, which he does every Wednesday to greet pilgrims. This one was a little different, though, because around 1 hour in, he would be treated to a jazzy little performance of Megalovania — one of Undertale creator Toby Fox's musical compositions for the game — accompanied by a performing circus troupe:

And he loved it. Well, of course he did — it's a banger, for starters, and it would be a bit un-Christian of him to yawn his way through one of his only duties as Pope. But he did a little clap!

Sadly, this was also the audience in which Pope Francis said that people were selfish for having pets and not children, so it's not all good news. Maybe he needs to play through Undertale again.

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