Ubisoft has announced that those pesky Rabbids will soon be hitting the big screen in Rabbids Invasion: Mission To Mars, a new animation headed to Netflix.

The film, which will be roughly one hour and ten minutes long, sees a group of Rabbids setting off on a madcap mission to Mars – except, as you can probably imagine, everything goes wrong. Make sure to catch the trailer (up above) and read up on what you can expect to see:

When Nebulous Industries announces they are recruiting Rabbids for a mission to Mars, Beardie doesn’t think twice. As a genius Rabbid misunderstood by his stupid peers, he has always dreamed of going to the red planet. After successfully passing the tests, he takes off with three other Rabbids: Disco, the lively queen of the dancefloor, Cosmo, the pilot with self-confidence issues and Mini, the adorable tiny Rabbid who HATES being mistaken for a kid. But as this unlikely team leaves the Earth for Mars nothing goes as planned.

Facing an interplanetary space threat, our heroes will have to learn how to overcome their differences and understand that the true wisdom comes from the heart!

Of course, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is also launching at some point this year, so perhaps this new film could serve as a quick appetiser before that juicy main course lands on Switch. Rabbids Invasion: Mission To Mars hits the streaming service on 18th February.

Rabbids Netflix
Image: Netflix

Let us know if you think you can manage over an hour of Rabbids madness in the comments below.