Image: Nintendo

Welcome to the future! Yes, we've finally got through '2020: Part Deux' and we're now securely lodged in 2022 — the first year since the millennium that has three of the same number in it. *Waits for everyone to confirm that that is indeed correct*...

The past year has been another tough one for a great many people due to one thing and another (and another, and another). Restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant are either already in place or will arrive imminently in many countries across the globe, and it's clear that it may be a long time yet until things return to relative normality.

Looking at global news over the last 12 months has been sobering at the best of times — and the video game industry has certainly had its share of unhappy stories throughout 2021 — but anyone with a Switch has at least been able to enjoy some truly excellent games which launched throughout the year. It may be a small consolation, but games have once again been a marvellous coping mechanism for millions around the world; a way to unwind and stay connected to the people closest to us when we're physically separated.

And peering into the future as we cruise into January, 2022 is already shaping up quite well for Switch owners, and there are sure to be plenty of surprise announcements throughout the year. We're kicking things off later this month with a new and potentially very exciting Pokémon game, and in the back half of the year (we're hoping), looming like a behemoth, is Breath of the Wild 2. How nice it'll be to call it by its own name soon.

We all have our fingers crossed that 2022 will be excellent, and everyone here at Nintendo Life — management, staff and contributors alike — wishes you the very healthiest, safest, and most preposterously prosperous of New Years. Cheers!

We hope you're feeling bright and breezy on this first day of the year, but if you overdid it last night make sure you sit back and relax today with some of the finest video games available to humanity. They're restorative, and that's no lie. Let us know below how you'll be spending the day and what plans you have for 2022AD.