One day, bots will rule the earth. It is inevitable. Resistance is futile. Just like it was predicted in those Hollywood movies with the shiny skeleton robots and Austrian musclemen/politicians, in the not-too-distant future computers will become so smart that they won't need us weak and feeble humans, and will probably wipe us out.

But it's not all bad! Before we get to that stage, we can use these bots to create amusing content, such as news headlines, Ace Attorney cases or even Pokémon.

Alex, Zion and Jon decided to pass away a little more time before their robotic overlords arrive by making a bot come up with Switch games that don't actually exist (but boy, we wish they did). Give the video a watch and let us know what you think with a comment below (which can be your own words or generated by an AI, it doesn't matter – we'll all be cowering underneath their steel boots soon, anyway).