Metroid Dread Cool 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Prior to the launch of Metroid Dread we rather enjoyed the multiple 'Reports' that were shared by Nintendo and the development team at MercurySteam. They shared all sorts of lore, history lessons and sneak peaks of the game, but with Dread having now been out for about 6 weeks a 'Special Edition' report has been published to help players out, whether tackling new faster runs or jumping in for the first time.

A section we found interesting relates to the unlockables for quick playthroughs, explaining that it's a tradition of the series and that the timer is relatively generous.

By the way, the clear time does not count time spent on the map screen, so you don’t need to rush your map reading. And, in case you hit the “game over” screen, the time does not continue to add up the more you retry—it will only be counted from the point where you restart the game. You don't need to stress about time mounting up if you taste defeat, so focus on thinking about how to overcome the obstacles ahead instead.

There are sections on various abilities, and some tips about trying to destroy some of those pesky and awkward speed blocks. Boss battles are highlighted as well, as some of them can certainly be tough until you find their weak spots.

It's worth a look, whether you're just planning to jump into the game or, like this scribe, attempting to unlock the various completion time goodies.