Mother Watch

Mother and EarthBound fans located in Japan might not be able to enjoy the older entries in the series on the current generation Nintendo hardware, but at least they'll be able to tell the time with this themed digital watch made by Casio.

Hobonichi has announced a collaboration with the Japanese electronics company to release a Mother G-Shock watch. It's a limited-time offer and is only going to be obtainable through a Japanese lottery starting on 20th January next year.

As you can see, the watch has the 'Mother' title and "SMAAAASH!!" on the front - aka the critical hit message in battle. And on the underside is a Mother symbol. This watch is valued at 23,100 yen, so about $200 USD - and will only be available in Japan.

What do you think of the latest Hobonichi project reveal? Would you like to see the Mother games return? Tell us down below.