Animal Crossing Gulliver Plushie
Image: Nintendo

The idea that Japan gets all the best stuff is a long-established and indisputable fact. In the West we tend to either get cheap tat on the level of a McDonald's toy or super premium figures and statues costing thousands — but Japan seems to get a ton of quality everyday video game merch of all shapes and sizes. (They also get the tat and the expensive stuff, too, of course.)

As highlighted by Famitsu, the latest selection of affordable Nintendo-related merch comes from the Ichiban Kuji / Bandai Spirits label and is actually a reissue of some hot items that sold out fast earlier in December. As you can see, a host of Animal Crossing-related items are up for grabs from Seven-Elevens as well as Nintendo's own Tokyo store, and we're very jealous of anyone who can just swing into a convenience store and pick these up.

The selection includes an ABD piggy bang and a Tom Nook kitchen timer (both with sound effects), a bath towel featuring the faces of various animal pals, a set of adorable 'shovel' spoons, some turnip mini-plates, memo pads, some small face towels, and our personal favourite, a 30cm sleeping Gulliver — also available in a larger 50cm version.

You can check out the items in action in the promo video at the bottom of the page (complete with sound effects), or gaze longingly on them in the pics below:

All of the above were originally available from 8th December before this restock, which is scheduled to conclude in March 2022.

Given the enormous popularity of Animal Crossing across the globe, it makes you wonder why we don't get more merch like this outside Japan. We like to throw money at useless-but-impossibly cute rubbish too, you know!

Let us know which one of these items you'd most like to get your hands on in the comments.