Ah, Silksong — it's been so long. Devotees of Team Cherry's masterful Metroidvania Hollow Knight have been waiting quite a while for the follow up to one of indie gaming's breakout hits of 2017. First revealed in February 2019, a demo featured in Nintendo's E3 2019 Treehouse stream back in June 2019 and it was looking good at that stage... and that's pretty much all we've seen or heard of it since.

One particularly passionate fan, WeeblesJeebles on Reddit, has taken to drawing the titular character once a day, every day while waiting for the sequel to drop. Starting on December 18th 2019 — shortly after Team Cherry previewed Chris Larkin's soundtrack for the game — WeeblesJeebles is now up to Day 683... and still no Silksong.

The artist, who we'd say is being rather modest describing the pictures as 'poorly' drawn, has kept things topical at times, created linked images over several days to make a strip, and regularly offers good vibes and general advice. Observe a handful below, including several pun-based images. We love a good pun:

We definitely understand and appreciate the enthusiasm. Acknowledging that it was a longshot, we tentatively put Silksong in our list of upcoming games to look forward to at the start of the year. With Nintendo's Indie World Showcase scheduled for later today, there's still technically time, right?

A shadow drop is too much to hope for — even a new trailer feels outlandish right now, but the game's got to launch at some point, so it's not out of the question. Please agree with us that it's not out of the question!

Obviously, world events in the time since 2019 have been tumultuous, so it's not surprising that the game is taking a while to gestate, and with the original still held in such regard — and likely selling strongly years on from release — there's no reason why Team Cherry shouldn't take its sweet old time with the sequel.

Doesn't make the wait any easier, though. Here, remind yourself what the game looks like with this gameplay demo from Nintendo's E3 Treehouse stream... from June 2019.

Let us know your favourite 'poorly' drawn Hollow Knight below.

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