Samus Grrr
Image: Nintendo Life

Metroid Dread is packed full of excellent details that show just how much developer MercurySteam focused on franchise history. Whether it's routes and tricks designed for speedrunners to discover or fun bonus ways to fight bosses, it's a game that's kept serving up surprises.

We do this each time in case you haven't played it yet, so minor spoilers ahead.

Another doing the rounds on social media this week, courtesy of a spot by @CaptainDoge1, shows that the pre-Kraid area has a very similar landmark before you jump in. It's subtle because of the shadows but is certainly there.

Kraid Area Dread
Image: @CaptainDoge1
Kraid Area SNES
Image: @CaptainDoge1

And for comparison, the equivalent from Metroid on NES.

Metroid Kraid Area
Image: Nintendo

It's another cool touch ahead of one of the game's best boss fights. It's a game that keeps giving!