Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This weekend, Nintendo will be hosting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's "biggest competition of the year", giving all players the chance to walk away with some very welcome prizes.

The European Online Challenge will be taking place on Saturday 11th December, running from 1pm - 4pm UK time. Every fighter can participate, and players will be taking part in one-vs-one bouts to secure their place at the top of the leaderboards.

Battles will consist of two-stock bouts lasting five minutes, with items and Final Smash meters turned off. Stages will be limited to Omega and Battlefield versions only, with stage hazards also turned off. When all's said and done, the top ten players will each win 2,500 Gold Points (that's £25 to spend on the eShop), and 1,000 Gold Points (£10) will be awarded to each of the remaining top 100 players.

To enter, simply head to the Online Tourney menu during the times mentioned above!

If you don't have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, don't worry – you can claim a free seven-day trial to enjoy the event without paying a penny.