With Christmas out of the way, Nintendo's mobile racer Mario Kart Tour is now looking towards the New Year.

To send 2021 out with a bang, it'll be kicking off the 'New Year's 2022 Tour' on 28th December. It adds Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart 7 and Meowser - Bowser's cat form from Super Mario 3D World.

This latest 3DS Mario Kart course joins a number of other tracks from the same handheld generation and brings the total number of 3DS track offerings in the game to 10. There are a lot of other retro and completely new courses to try out, too.

Bowser's Castle
Image: Nintendo

Earlier in the year, Mario Kart Tour surpassed $200 million in player spending, making it Nintendo's second best-performing mobile game behind Fire Emblem Heroes. The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account has also begun its year in review, so you can find out even more facts about the game, like the most popular special items used in 2021.

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