The Diablo-style dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons has today rolled out its first seasonal adventure - Cloudy Climb, and it's completely free.

It introduces a new reward track system along with many new themed cosmetic items including skins, pets, flairs, emotes, and even capes. You can also purchase an optional Adventure Pass for $3.99 USD to unlock some exclusive cosmetic rewards.

You'll unlock all this content as you scale "The Tower" - a replayable structure that puts your skills to the test across several floors of challenging content.

The Tower is a new, singleplayer gameplay area available for all players as part of the free Cloudy Climb update.

In the Tower, the player controls an avatar: a character that initially has no gear, but slowly collects it through a selection of rewards you earn as you progress. The Tower itself has 30 different floors, with each one harder than the previous one, and the goal is to make it as high up as you possibly can.

The Tower is home to both familiar mobs and bosses from Minecraft Dungeons – but also a few new foes as well. Not all Tower inhabitants are hostile and some of them will help you along your way up by modifying the gear that you collect. They can increase the power of it, upgrade it to a unique variant, or gild it.

The Tower’s floors will change every few weeks, which gives you a limited window to master its current layout.

Minecraft Dungeons

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