Metroid Dread came out less than a month ago, but speedrunners are already hard at work trying to grab the world record for fastest time to completion.

Even just a few days after the release, we were marvelling at how good some players were at the game — and the current world record holder, karterfreak, is an excellent example. With a current time of just 1:22:52 on an Any% run, karterfreak's time is just under a minute ahead of the second place runner-up, Bdog.

Karterfreak's run involves some nifty tricks, like figuring out how to parry the EMMI, perfecting bomb jumps, and just being really, really good at platforming.

Metroid Dread speedrun
Also, karterfreak is a cartoon dog. We should have mentioned that, sorry — Image: karterfreak

Karterfreak has been doing runs for at least four years, and holds records for Yooka-Laylee and Super Lucky's Tale, as well as ranking pretty highly for Shovel Knight. Safe to say he's a fan of old-school-style platformers, then!

Of course, the world of speedrunning is a fast-paced one, and the tricks and skips in Metroid Dread are still being figured out... so you can probably expect this time to keep going down in the coming weeks and months, even though that seems impossible. Speedrunners are basically wizards.

Are there any tips for playing Metroid Dread that you learned from this video? Do you reckon you could beat karterfreak's time? Let us know in the usual place.