GungHo Online Entertainment has released its latest developer diary for Ninjala, lifting the lid on a brand new season and an extra special treat for fans.

The game's eighth season will be taking place between 2nd December and 9th March and introduces a new mode, tournaments, items, and more. The developers discuss all you need to know in the video above, but here's a handy rundown:

- Turf Match: a 4 vs. 4 Team Battle game mode that pits teams of players against each other to control different parts of the map. The team with the most territory at the end wins.

- WNA Tours: monthly online tournaments that will kick off with the Hattori Hanzo Cup on December 25. Players will have only six hours to compete for a top spot - the higher your rank, the more Jala you win. Everyone who participates will get 10 Gumball Machine Coins.

- New items in the Shinobi Shop
- 2 Gum Weapons: Ninja Carpet and Bird Drill

-4 Shinobi Cards:
- Iron Bind: An iron-strong Gum Bind that prevents opponents from being blown
- Life Recovery: Attack an opponent caught in an Iron Bind to restore life.
- Reduced Cooldown: Defeat an opponent in an Iron Bind to restore the Gum Shoot cooldown.
- Explosion: Defeat an opponent caught in an Iron Bind and you’ll surround yourself with explosive Gum Damage.

On top of that, GOE also revealed that a brand new Ninjala anime series is in the works. Set to air in January 2022, this new anime is said to be "more involved" the YouTube cartoon series you might already be familiar with and will "dive deeper into the game's colourful world".

Season8 Keyart
The key art for Ninjala Season 8.

As a final note, remember that Nintendo's Cyber Monday 2021 Campaign is taking place from 17th November until 1st December, offering players discounts on items, a Jala login bonus, and exclusive outfits in the Shinobi Shop and Gum Gacha.