My Nintendo varies a great deal between regions, but we'd suggest that it's well worth regular logins in Europe. You can get regular freebie Platinum Points on the website, and there's a steady flow of charming physical rewards up for grabs (often only with postage to pay).

The latest addition is a WarioWare: Get It Together! Washi Tape Set, which you can see below.

We recommend following that link above to get the relevant link for your territory, either EU or the UK. It's 500 Platinum Points for either option, and in the case of the My Nintendo UK store you also need to pay £1.99 postage, or deliver is free if you spend over £20 on the store in one order.

If you don't actually know what 'Washi Tape' is, this is a description from retailer Hobbycraft:

Originating from Japan, Washi Tape is a low tack, decorative masking tape that can be used to add pattern and colour to almost any project, from creating pretty scrapbook borders to Christmas gift wrapping. Tear it, stick it, reposition it and write on it, there are endless possibilities.

So if you want some stylish tape based on the WarioWare, this is your chance!