If you've been wanting Nintendo to release a new entry in the Mother series, here's potentially the next best thing...if it ever sees the light of day. It's a fan-made sequel to the acclaimed RPG series, titled 'Mother 4'.

There's a four-minute reveal trailer - introducing fans to a new character named Aaron and a number of other party members. Here's a bit more information from the game's website:

"Three young men discover an unwelcome guest deep in the woods, and America is turned on its head! It's up to a small town teenager named Aaron to tour the United States in order to deal with the aftermath of that fateful meeting and uncover the story behind the "Rift Shells" - ancient artifacts of awesome PSI power and dubious origin. On his journey across podunk suburbia and impossible dungeons, he'll meet the overconfident mechanic Maggie, the reserved yet proficient Troy, the dense but kind hearted magician Trisme, along with many other loyal allies and oddball foes. They'll lift the veil of the untouchable entity pulling the earth's strings, capable of bending the rules and stacking the odds against our heroes, just to harness the power of the Rift Shells for an absolute yet unknown purpose... But there's nothing to worry about with your friends behind your back, right?"

Obviously, concerns have already been raised about Nintendo shutting 'Mother 4' down, and at the start of the video there's a message noting how the project and developers have no affiliation with Nintendo or Shigesato Itoi:

"Mother 4 is an unofficial fan project and its developers have no relation to Nintendo, HAL Labs, Shigesato Itoi, or any affiliated parties. We are independent developers working on the game in our free time. Please support Nintendo and Hobonichi if you can."

This title is not to be confused with Oddity - another fan-made effort that also started out as 'Mother 4' and was rebranded.

Still, Nintendo has quite a history of ending fan projects - with the company earlier this year taking action against the fan-made 2D Metroid Prime game. Some though believe there's nothing to worry about, and Itoi seems open to others handling the series.

The developer behind this unofficial 'Mother 4' game has also addressed the same concerns over on the game's website:

Aren't you guys concerned about Nintendo shutting you down?

Not at all! Tldr: Nintendo only seems to go after remakes of existing games, or controversial fan games.

So, what are your initial impressions? Do you think Mother 4 can live up to the name if it is released? Leave a comment below.

[source twitter.com, via nintendoenthusiast.com]