Last month, The Pokémon Company kicked off a 'Super Pet Contest', inviting fans to submit photographs of their pets to win some awesome prizes. The results are now in, so let's take a look at the adorable winners.

Inspired by the Super Contest Shows featured in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the competition received over 30,000 entries in total. Fans had to enter their pet into Clever, Cute and Cool categories, mimicking the games, and the winners were selected via an initial public vote and a final decision made by a panel of judges which included Michelle Visage.

Michelle presents the grand winners in the video above, but here's a closer look. For each category, winning pets are displayed from first to fourth place going from left to right:

CLEVER Category:
Winner's Name: Fish, Country: UK

COOL Category:
Winner's Name: Lil Elsa, Country: USA

CUTE Category:
Winner's Name: Flora, Country: USA

Speaking about the contest, Michelle said, "I know how important all of our beloved animal companions are – and looking at the gorgeous entries every day has been such a treat! I couldn’t have made my decision without the help of the voting public, so thank you all for showing these adorable contestants the love they truly deserve."

It's a good job we weren't made to choose the winners or else they all would have gone home with the top prize.