GTA Trilogy
Image: Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, to give it the full name, had a rocky launch plagued by numerous bugs and a negative reaction from a lot of players. Rockstar and developer Grove Street Games has had to handle that fallout, and has already released two patches to try and address issues.

Now another update is rolling out, and based on the official changelog it's aiming to fix a range of issues such as rain occurring indoors, grass clipping into buildings and a broad range of other glitches and issues.

As you can see it's not rolled out on Switch yet, though previous patches did arrive on time - presumably it will arrive soon as promised. Hopefully it'll bring further improvements to what has been a decidedly iffy package on Nintendo's system.

If you've picked this up let us know how you're getting on with GTA Trilogy on Switch.