Huntdown is a rather fun and bombastic retro-style run and gun, as you battle through heinous criminal gangs and face off against increasingly tough bosses. Now, as if it wasn't tricky enough, there's a free Arcade Mode update that's just gone live on the Switch version.

It's taken a little while since its arrival on Steam, but the development team shared the good news recently.

We've downloaded the update and given it a little whirl - Arcade mode is recommended for after you've cleared the campaign, as the challenge is to clear entire gangs (multiple levels and bosses) in one sitting, racking up the best score you can. It's a fun mode as it adds a new score multiplier system (you collect skulls from defeated enemies) and has humorous little shoutouts when you turn on the style, like 'Double Kill' and so on.

Below is the official description of the mode.

It’s you versus the world as you’re pitted against players from all corners of the globe in a brutal battle to pummel your way up the leaderboards. Innovate and invent new ways to pulverize your foes to rack up your score, whether you make use of combo-kills, quickdraw weapon-swap bonuses, or just hurl criminals off the rooftops. In this nail-biting race against the clock, collect as many bounties as you can while you watch the numbers roll and strive to be the apex bounty hunter.

Let us know in the comments if you're planning to revisit Huntdown to tackle the Arcade mode.