We're just hours away from the official launch of Metroid Dread (it's come around pretty quickly, right?), and if you're not too fussed about seeing some of the early scenes ahead of time, you'll definitely want to check out this video.

The folks over at Outside Xtra have been busy streaming the first 90 minutes of the game – with Nintendo's blessing, don't worry. We'll avoid sharing what happens in that first hour and a half for anyone still reading this who doesn't want to be spoiled, but you can check it out for yourself in the video above.

If you haven't done so already, we'd also urge you to check out our review of the game. It's pretty safe to say that we consider Dread to be an essential purchase, so feel free to give that a read if you want to get even more hyped ahead of tomorrow's launch.

Feeling excited? Are you trying to avoid spoilers at all costs? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below.