Smash Bros.
Image: Nintendo

Having to come up with new and interesting themes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's regular events must be getting difficult at this stage, so we'll have to forgive Nintendo for this latest effort.

Yes, Smash Ultimate's next Spirit Event focuses on "characters with at least one fist raised", which will then be followed by 'characters that use eyeballs to see' and 'characters who are beginning to regret their life choices'. OK, those might not be real...

Perfectly Nintendo reports that this is the 91st Spirit Event (wowzers) and will feature Wario-Man, Giga Mac, Sukapon, and Akira as Timed Spirits.

It kicks off tomorrow, 22nd October, and will run up until the 25th. As always, defeating these fist-raising spirits will also give you extra Gold for the duration of the event.

Have you been playing much Smash lately? How have you been getting on with Sora? Let us know down below.