Last year, RPG spin-off Minecraft Dungeons held something called the "Spooky Fall", a Halloween-themed event with seasonal rewards, mobs, and trials. How could Mojang possibly top that?

With SPOOKIER Fall, obviously. The event is free for all players, but is time-limited, running from October 13th to November 2nd. By playing during the event, you can unlock a bunch of festive, limited-edition items, including:

  • Cackling Broom
  • Phantom Bow
  • Gourdian Armour
  • Cauldron Armour
  • Skull Scythe

...and more!

Spookier Fall Minecraft Dungeons
See, he's called the GOURDian because he's got a pumpkin for a head — Image: Mojang

If you want to join in the scary fun, but you don't have Minecraft Dungeons, then you can still download the free Spooky Gourdian Character Creator Set for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which is on Switch.

Are you enjoying Minecraft Dungeons? Do you hope to see Dungeons content during the Minecraft Live event this weekend? Let us know in the comments.