Classic FM Trevor McDonald
Image: E4

If you're not British and of-a-certain-age GamesMaster may have passed you by; it was a hugely fun TV show that no doubt contributed to the mainstream image of gaming in the UK.

Beyond its quirky challenges, occasionally feisty competitions and plenty of humour, a memorable part of the show was Sir Patrick Moore appearing as The GamesMaster. He showed tremendous willingness and a fun spirit as he'd dish out gaming tips and witty remarks as the producers gave his head increasingly fanciful appearances.

As you've no doubt seen it's being rebooted on E4, with Robert Florence hosting alongside Frankie Ward and Ty Logan, and it has now confirmed the identity of its GamesMaster. It'll be Sir Trevor McDonald, a hugely respected and multi-award winning journalist and news presenter. He's been retired from daily news presenting for a number of years, but his personality and status makes him a rather impressive choice for the role.

Let us know if you're looking forward to seeing the new GamesMaster series.

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