Masahiro Sakurai
Image: Nintendo

Update: Our liveblog is... er... live! Be sure to head over there and we'll find out who the fighter is soon...

Original Story [Mon 4th Oct, 2021 11:35 BST]: We're just one day away from learning who'll be taking that final character slot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and series director Masahiro Sakurai is sounding rather excited – and dare we say confident? – about the show.

Speaking on social media this morning, Sakurai has invited all gaming fans, "whether you're a Smash Bros. player or simply love games", to watch tomorrow's presentation.

In a further tweet, with thanks to @PushDustIn for the translation, Sakurai says he "really enjoyed" recording this final broadcast:

"You may not know the new fighter, or it might be different from your personal expectations.

BUT, we hope you enjoy this game show and the broadcast itself! I really enjoyed recording the broadcast."

Naturally, fans have already begun to speculate about who the fighter will be, and whether Sakurai has left any clues in his message. We're fairly certain that isn't the case, but he does appear to be addressing a wider gaming audience, perhaps indicating that the fighter could be a popular, well-known character.

Just yesterday, the official Super Smash Bros. Twitter account also encouraged fans to let their imaginations "run wild".

We'll find out once and for all tomorrow, so make sure to check back with us just before 3pm BST as we'll be hosting the grand reveal live here on Nintendo Life. Who will it be?!

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