Metroid Dread

Updated details on Nintendo's official website have revealed Metroid Dread's initial file size, and it's actually considerably smaller than was initially expected.

Immediately after the game's reveal during this year's E3, Nintendo's website listed Metroid Dread for pre-order, indicating that its eventual file size would be 6.9GB. Now, as spotted by Nintendo Everything, that figure has changed to just 4.1GB in the US – a decrease in size of around 40%. Incidentally, the file size is a slightly larger 4.2GB in Europe.

This last-minute change in size isn't uncommon – a similar decrease in file size was also seen on Nintendo's listing for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury just ahead of launch, for example – and while the cause for the reduction isn't known, there's no need for concern. It's much more likely that the change is down to late-development refinements and compression (something Nintendo is known to be fantastic at), rather than any content cuts.

The listing also confirms that Metroid Dread is compatible across TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and in Handheld Mode, and will support Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and English languages.

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