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Image: Mattel / DC

Hot Wheels Unleashed earned itself a bit of buzz online when it launched at the end of September, and even with a nod to its heavy paid-DLC focus post-launch we rather liked it in our review. As previously outlined in its roadmap there's a lot of DLC planned, and now the next couple of months have been outlined in detail.

Following all of the hype around the DC FanDome event over the past weekend, more details have been shared on the DC and Batman DLC that are around the corner.

The DC Super-Villains Racing Season will start on 11th November and run right through to 18th January. You'll be able to earn some goodies through completing challenges and broader gameplay, though the villain-themed cars (Bane, The Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Black Manta, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn) will be the 'premium' aspect that you have to buy; we're still a tad confused over how much they'll cost, but will keep an eye out for firm details. In terms of freebie things to earn there'll be gears, coins and customisation items.

The Batman Expansion is dated for 2nd December, and can be picked up standalone or included in the current expansion pass. It sounds like it'll offer a decent amount for your money.

Coming on December 2nd, the Batman Expansion DLC will bring a huge amount of new content with a brand-new Career Map inspired by Gotham, and a breathtaking new environment - The Batcave - with many new tracks and items. The Batman Expansion also includes five themed vehicles spanning The Penguin, Robin™ 2.0T, Armored Batman™, Batman™ Rebirth, and The Joker™ GT, plus a new Track Builder Module - the Joker Funhouse Split - and tons of themed customization items.

So there you have it, lots to come in Hot Wheels Unleashed - let us know what you think!