Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was a rather fun, albeit limited in scope, spin-off on 3DS. Intriguingly, today's Animal Crossing Direct revealed that the concept is being dialled up to 11 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as Happy Home Paradise, and it'll also be the game's first paid DLC.

Intriguingly it'll be $24.99USD / 24,99 Euros / £22.49 as a standalone expansion or will be included with Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. That's a pretty good bonus but also shakes up our previous thoughts on the NSO Expansion Pack, which before now was only confirmed to add Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis games.

As for Happy Home Paradise, it's a very meaty update. You head to the airport and pick up a new job designing Holiday homes. There's huge customisation in terms of how you design homes and surrounding land, including all-new ideas like ambient sounds and partitions; you can even change the season on a Holiday island. Some residents may become roommates and ask for a new design, there's plenty of depth.

Beyond that you'll also get to design sites like a hospital, school and restaurant, which residents will visit. All of your work in the DLC will be paid in Poki, with exclusive items to buy. The good thing is that those items and all those new design tools can be taken back and used on your own island. Eventually you'll even have the chance to redesign your residents' homes.

Content wise, there's a lot there to justify the cost, we'd suggest.

Let us know what you think, and whether you're planning to pick this up either standalone or through the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.