Looking for a new indie puzzle game full of gorgeous art and charming vibes? Then you might want to keep an eye out for Where Cards Fall, launching on Switch on 4th November.

From developer The Game Band and publisher Snowman, Where Cards Fall is described as "a slice of life puzzle game" that has you building stacks of cards to progress through each level and relive the protagonist's memories. As you'll see in the trailer above, you'll be tasked with creating your own pathways to move forward – and it all looks rather lovely.

We're told that since its initial launch on Apple Arcade, the game has been reworked to include custom-tailored controls and animations specifically for its upcoming PC and Switch versions. There are 50 puzzles to wrap your head around in total, and the developer notes that you might want to try playing in headphones for the best experience.

Where Cards Fall’s coming-of-age story isn’t a straight line, but a cyclical process the characters engage with time and time again. The houses of cards give each scene a distinct identity and sense of place. As you solve puzzles, you’ll gain small glimpses into the characters’ lives, uncovering memories within the houses of cards. While the puzzles gently flow into each other, things don’t always conclude neatly.

Looks good, right?

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