Sora Smash Bros
Image: Nintendo

We finally know who the final fighter to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be, and we can all let out a huge sigh of relief.

Yes, Sora from Kingdom Hearts was chosen as the final pick, and if you've had the time to settle down since the announcement earlier today, we're here to share a closer look at what the character will bring to the game.

Below, you can check out Sora's new Hollow Bastion stage, the music included in Sora's Challenger Pack, his Final Smash, some Spirits you'll spot on the Spirit Board, and even a cheeky look at Sora's Kirby transformation. Ready? Jump in...

Hollow Bastion - Sora's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage

The new stage that players will receive in Challenger Pack 11 is Hollow Bastion. Fans of the KINGDOM HEARTS series will immediately recognize this familiar location, featured heavily in many of the franchise’s games. The dynamic stage contains one platform in its centre, and, as the battle nears its close, players will travel to a special area inspired by Dive to the Heart with visuals featuring some familiar faces from the KINGDOM HEARTS series.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Full Kingdom Hearts Songlist

After downloading Challenger Pack 11, players will also receive nine music tracks from the KINGDOM HEARTS series. An additional music track, Dearly Beloved -Swing Version, will be added to this game for those who have played KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts Smash songs
Image: Nintendo

Sealing the Keyhole - Sora's Final Smash

Sora locks out his foes with his Final Smash, Sealing the Keyhole.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Kingdom Hearts Spirits

A new Spirit Board starring characters from KINGDOM HEARTS like Riku, Kairi and Roxas will also be added.

Kingdom Hearts Smash spirits
Image: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sora's Kirby Transformation

No words needed here. Just look at him.

If you missed today's other big reveals, it was confirmed that three Kingdom Hearts games are headed to Switch, Steve and Alex are getting amiibo figures, and a new batch of Mii Fighter costumes were also revealed.

And breathe.